Spellbound "Encantos"

SRCD-9 ©2005 [Sunyata Publishing/BMI]

1) No Mas Casadas (3:59) featuring Johnny Polanco (Tres Guitar), Manny Silvera (Bass), Robertito Melendez (Congas), Robert Anthony Gil, Jr. (Tenor Sax) and Mike Daigeau (Trombones)

2) Desde Aqui (3:49) featuring Aron Singer (Congas & Bata Drums)

3) Las Lavanderas (3:40) featuring Artie Webb (Flute Solo), Jack Gold (Congas), Robert Anthony Gil, Jr. (Woodwinds) and Mike Daigeau (Trombones)

4) Highway To Highlife (4:02) featuring Sonora (Lead Vocal) and Robertito Melendez (Congas) 

5) La Lupe Medley: Se Acabo/Canto Bajo (5:21) featuring Candi Sosa (Lead Vocal & Guiro) and Mike Daigeau (Trombones)

6) Yo Lo Pensaba  (3:31) 

7) Mejor Que Nunca (3:31) featuring Robert Anthony Gil, Jr. (Tenor & Bari Saxes) and Mike Daigeau (Trombones)

8) We Got Funk (3:28) featuring Asdru Sierra (Trumpet), Robert Anthony Gil, Jr. (Tenor & Bari Saxes) and Mike Daigeau (Trombones)

9) (Baila) Mi Salsa (4:01) featuring Robertito Melendez and Mike Daigeau (Trombones)

10) So Close, So Far (4:52) featuring Sonora (Lead Vocal)

All Songs Written, Arranged and Produced by Paul Thomas and Bobby Moon

©2005 Sunyata Publishing (BMI)

Except La Lupe Medley: Se Acabo by J. Guitierrez and L. Striana (Peer Int. Corp./BMI) and Canta Bajo by La Lupe and Pat Patric Copyright 1977 (Tico Records)

Album Credits:

Bobby Moon: Lead and backup vocals, percussion and keyboard on "We Got Funk"

Paul Thomas: Keyboards, guitar, percussion and backup vocals

Sonora: Lead and backup vocals and tambourine on "Yo Lo Pensaba"

Mike Daigeau: Trombones and backup vocals on "La Lupe Medley: Se Acabo/Cantobajo"

All songs recorded and mixed at LUJO Studios (North Hollywood, CA.)

Additional recording at Pablo Studios

Engineer: José "Pepe" Andrade

Mastered at World Champ (Burbank, CA.)

Artwork/Illustration: Bobby Moon/Roberto Luna

CD Layout and Design: Yvette Mangual

Photo of Bobby and Paul by Paul Guo

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