Spellbound – The Main Hustle – Selfish Recordings by Eric Gonzalez

HerenciaLatina.com [Reviews / April 2018]

Nobody takes away from Spellbound. The truth is that Paul "Paul Thomas and Bobby Moon, two talented and good friends, you've indulged and record left and right, and you don't There is an end to your creativity and enthusiasm. And, in doing so, they leave in the I walk joyful, contagious and original music. This is demonstrated in "The Main Hustle", his most recent and spicy production.

Anyone who, like me, has listened to the Spellbound recordings he must be aware that what Thomas and Moon have done, maybe unintentionally, it's documenting how eclectic the South of Mexico is. California when it comes to the music scene. The Ten Pieces included in "The Main Hustle" are evidence of this. The Compact kicks off with "Stankey", a funky song with a boogaloo flavor and a touch of electronic, with Scott Martin's sax solo. Other funk tracks include "Hold My Own", "Dippin' in Your Business", "My House of Cards," "Early Riser" and "Let's Harmonize." On the other hand, we have the rock and reggae "María Mañana" and the ballad "You made me better." The Afro-Caribbean flavor is provided by "Dame una hora", with the voice of the Cuban rumbera Candi Sosa, where Thomas shines with his guitar and the great Art Webb shoots us a flute solo. Here Ladies and gentlemen, there is something for everyone.

Every time I review a Spellbound job, I have to think and think, and use my limited mental music dictionary. When so many come together rhythms, especially some of the sixties and seventies, sometimes struggle I work to remember, and you end up questioning yourself. And that's what I know It treats: preserving the sounds of yesterday and presenting them again in a way that is not the same as before. creative and as a novelty. Let's see what Paul and Bobby bring soon. (EEG)