Spellbound "Pase La Voz"

SRCD-19 ©2015 [Sunyata Publishing/BMI]

1) Spinning On (4:23)

2) Pase La Voz (4:51) featuring Johnny Polanco (Tres Guitar & Vocals), Artie Webb (Flute) and Mike Daigeau (Trombones & Vocals)

3) Lifestyle (4:16) featuring Margaret Young (Vocals)

4) Army Of Love (3:50) featuring Scott Martin (Saxes)

5) Viene Y Va (5:04)

6) Smarten Up (3:40) featuring Margaret Young (Vocals)

7) Estela Candela (4:25) featuring Mike Daigeau (Trombones)

8) Spanish Fly (4:02)

9) Discretion (2:44)

10) Going Grey (2:58)

All Songs Written & Produced by Paul 'Pablo' Thomas and Bobby Moon

©2015 Sunyata Publishing (BMI)

Album Credits:

Bobby Moon: Lead Vocal, Backing Vocals, Percussion and Synth

Paul 'Pablo' Thomas: Guitar, Keyboards, Congas, Timbales, Percussion and Backing Vocals

Guest Stars (in alphabetical order):

Mike Daigeau: Trombone and Backing Vocal on "Pase La Voz" and "Estela Candela"

Rudy Mangual: Congas, Timbales, Percussion and Backing Vocals on "Lifestyle" and "Estela  Candela"

Scott Martin: Saxaphone on "Army Of Love"

Johnny Polanco: Tres Guitar and Backing Vocals on "Pase La Voz"

Art Webb: Flute on "Pase La Voz"

Margaret Young: Vocals on "Lifestyle" and "Smarten Up"

Recorded and Mixed @ Tripsville Studio

Photography: Gloria Plascencia Photography (www.gloriaplascencia.com)

CD Design, Graphics and Layout: Oksana

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