Spellbound "Poolside Fiesta"

SRCD-10 ©2007 [Sunyata Publishing/BMI]

1) Soul Kitchen (3:35) featuring Mike Daigeau (Trombones) and Luisa Reyes (Waitress)

2) Si Senora (3:39) featuring Sonora (Lead Vocal) and Mike Daigeau (Trombones and The Plain Brown Rapper)

3) Strange Boogaloo (3:09) featuring Mike Daigeau (Tambourine)

4) I Don't Want Nobody Else (3:49) featuring Mike Daigeau (Trombones)

5) Hot Sauce (3:40) featuring Mike James Turre (Tenor Sax) and Mike Daigeau (Trombones)

6) Rhumba Man (4:31) featuring Mike Daigeau (Trombones and Backing Vocals)

7) La Voz Del Amor (3:08) featuring Sonora (Lead Vocal) and Candi Sosa (Djembe, Maracas, Guiro, Shaker and Spoken Word)

8) Hold On To What You Got (3:13) featuring Mike Daigeau (Trombones)

9) La Escencia Del Guaguanco (3:09)  featuring Johnny Polanco (Tres Guitar, Guiro and Coro), Papo Rodriguez (Bongo and Bell) and Mike Daigeau (Trombones)

10) Four In The Morning (4:02)  featuring Michael James Turre (Tenor Sax and Sax Solo) and Mike Daigeau (Trombones)

11) Freak 'N' You (3:58) featuring Mike Daigeau (Trombones and Backing Vocals)

All Songs Written, Arranged and Produced by Paul Thomas and Bobby Moon

©2007 Sunyata Publishing (BMI)

Except Soul Kitchen by The Doors ©1967 Doors Music Company (ASCAP), I Don't Want Nobody Else by John Sebastian ©1974 Warner Brothers Records, Rhumba Man by Jessie Winchester ©1977 Fourth Floor Music (ASCAP) and La Escencia Del Guaguanco by T. Curet Alonso ©1967 (ASCAP)

Recorded and Mixed at Lujo Studios / Engineer: Pepe Andrade

Mastered at World Champ / Engineer: Bryan Marye

Cover and Band Photos by Henry Diltz

Artwork & Design: Yvette Mangual

Pool by Tom Schnabel

Model: Martha

Liner Notes by Eric Gonzalez

Spellbound "Poolside Fiesta" Liner Notes by Eric González

Band Photo by Henry Diltz

When it comes to California, diversity is the name of the game. This diversity is reflected in its people, by means of race, religion, nationality, and pretty much everything else you can imagine. In turn, this cultural mix gives us an interesting variety of cuisine and music to choose from. And it is, precisely, this very rich environment that gave birth to Spellbound, a wonderful band created by friends Paul Thomas and Bobby Moon, two very talented and creative musicians that really give a new meaning to the word eclectic. Poolside Fiesta, their latest successful recording to date, reinforces that concept. Successful, by the way, encompasses such descriptions as spicy, delicious, captivating, charming, energetic, remarkable, and more.

Listening to Poolside Fiesta, something becomes evident along the way: you can feel that this Paul and Bobby's homage to the music of their teen years, when they forged their friendship. We can clearly appreciate the influence of funk and sixties rock in their work. The result, of course, is a highly enjoyable and danceable recording - a trait of Spellbound's since its inception.

Poolside Fiesta certainly has a little bit for everybody. For example, there are guajira/boogaloos, with the tracks Soul Kitchen (a 1967 tune from Los Angeles' very own, The Doors) and the exciting Strange Boogaloo. There is also plenty of funk, represented by Hot Sauce, Spellbound's tribute to the recently departed Godfather of Soul, James Brown; the funky-disco-flavored Freak 'N' You; and the band's precious version of Jesse Winchester's Rhumba Man. Then, we get a dose of delicious sensual arrangements - the ones to hold your loved one very tight - such as Four O'Clock In The Morning, and their treatment of John Sebastian's I Don't Want Nobody Else. Of Course, some Caribbean-flavored samba is also featured, like La Voz del Amor, and some spicy salsa (spiked with techno-rock), with the Tite Curet's classic La Escencia del Guaguancó.

What else can I say? This is as eclectic as it can get, and should please most tastes. Bobby and Paul couldn't choose a better title for this wonderful CD. Hell, how can this not be? With their regular band, comprised of trombonist extraordinaire Mike Daigeau, master percussionist Rudy Mangual, the wonderful voice of newcomer Sonora, plus very special guests, such as the experienced saxophonist Michael James Turre, veteran band leader and tresero Johnny Polanco, awesome bongocero Papo Rodríguez, and the musical support of Candi sosa, the result had to be phenomenal!

If I ever have the opportunity to hire one band to play at a party, Spellbound would be my first choice. However, in its absence, Poolside Fiesta will have to do. Just listen and you'll know why.

Eric González

Los Angeles, California, January, 2007